Chrome continues ascent at IE’s expense

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June 2011 browser share usage chart(Credit: Data from Net Applications; Chart by Stephen Shankland/CNET)

In the browser horse race, the rising and falling shares of usage continued–but at a slower pace than in some earlier months.

Google’s Chrome continued its ascent of usage, rising from 12.5 percent in May to 13.1 percent in June, according to Net Applications’ monthly tallies. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dropped about the same amount, from 54.3 percent to 53.7 percent.

IE9 continued its ascent, though more slowly.IE9 continued its ascent, though more slowly.

(Credit: Data from Net Applications; Chart by Stephen Shankland/CNET)

Second-place Firefox, from the non-profit Mozilla organization, continued to tread water, staying at 21.7 percent. Apple’s Safari ticked up from 7.3 percent to 7.5 percent, but Opera dropped from 2 percent to 1.7 percent.

Fractions of a percent are small, but given how many millions of people use the Web, each tenth of a percent represents a vast number of people in absolute terms.

New versions are important for Microsoft and Mozilla in particular. The new Firefox 5, the first issued under a new rapid-release program, represented 2.1 percent of usage overall to 10.5 percent for Firefox 4. Although Mozilla is being more aggressive about automatically updating people to the latest browser, Firefox 5 has only been out for a week and a half.

MIcrosoft’s Internet Explorer 9, meanwhile, climbed from 4.2 percent in May to 5.7 percent in June, a slower pace than before.


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