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Cloud web hosting what is it?

Cloud web hosting, what is it? Cloud web hosting is a type of web hosting that operates on multiple servers. Through cloud Web hosting, the web site can gain access to the processing power of numerous servers distributed in a period of time. Through Cloud Web hosting, any web site can distribute its computing needs across the entire cloud, which is nothing but the Internet.

Some benefits of Cloud web hosting are as follows:

# 1. By use of cloud Web hosting, you will be free from problems created by abrupt use of web site, as it evenly balances the entire burden across the complete network.

# 2. Cloud web hosting allows you to allocate the instantly available resources (not restricted by any single physical server) from the pool to the most desired location.

# 3. The major advantage of cloud web hosting is its high scalability that allows fast and easy scaling in resource consumption, which can be done either automatically or manually.

# 4. In cloud web hosting, all integral pieces of software are dispensable and hence, failure of any one software piece will not affect the web site in any way.

Security: Security is critical for any kind of web site. Majority of cloud web hosting providers are developing programs that will protect your web site from any unauthorized access and exposure. However, these programs are not standardized by any means and hence, the cloud web hosting does not provide the same level of security as against that provided by the traditional shared hosting services.

Cost of Cloud web hosting services: Many companies providing cloud web hosting services charge their clients based on the quantity of computing power they use. Their service charge is similar to that of your electricity and water supply companies. Just like these companies, cloud web hosting companies also use the policy of pay-per-use.

Some of the companies which provide cloudwebhosting are  rackspace,gogrid,