Web Hosting News-BP Signs $400M Cloud Hosting Contract with HP

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(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — HP Enterprise Services UK (www.hp.com) announced on Tuesday that energy firm BP International (www.bp.com) has signed a five-year outsourcing services agreement that is worth over $400 million.

Under the terms of the agreement, HP will deliver consistent global data center services that lets BP to standardize and consolidate its hosting services and use innovative technologies such as cloud computing.

HP said it currently provides data center services to BP’s European data centers in the UK.

The new deal brings the remaining BP data centers in Europe and all those in the Americas regions under a single contract.

The agreement includes data center management services, such as monitoring, back up and recovery, site management and maintenance services, as well as database and middleware management.

The new contract will also provide BP with the platform and option to deploy HP’s enterprise private and public cloud computing services, as well as external cloud services from other providers in a “holistic cloud architecture”.

Data center support services will be provided onsite and from HP Best Shore global delivery centers in India.

Silicon house also Provides Cloud Hosting services from India.

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