Driver Easy – Helping Microsoft Windows Users Avoid Problems

Driver Easy is an essential tool for Microsoft Windows that scans machines for outdated device drivers before automatically updating them. The software, leveraged by 3 million users worldwide, is supported by a database of more than 8 million drivers. Driver Easy’s intuitive interface, customer-centric development process, and sheer effectiveness have made the tool a fan favorite for more than a decade.

Drivers — software components that act as interpreters between the Windows operating system and connected devices — need to be properly and consistently updated to prevent slowed performance or even crashes. Executing those updates by hand not only takes a long time, but it’s fairly risky: install the wrong driver, and your problems are bound to get worse.

Driver Easy was designed to help even inexperienced computer users resolve problems within a few minutes. More than 3 million customers across the globe use the renowned tool, which, thanks to a database of over 8 million drivers, can fix nearly any device driver.

With custom backups and restoration points planned for the near future, Driver Easy is poised to maintain its rank as a highly valued driver update tool for decades to come.

The free Driver Easy Lite, for instance, will detect problems and download remedial drivers, but they must be installed manually in Windows.