How to choose webhosting provider

How to choose webhosting provider

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Key Features Of a Good Reseller Web Hosting

1. Robust Hardware
2. Pre-Hardened OS / Scripting
3. Feature Rich Control Panel
4. Premium Bandwidth Network Backbone
5. Hosting Addons For Cross Selling like SSL, Mail Tracking, Domain Names
6. Reliable Web Hosting Infrastructure Provider with plenty of experience and at the same time cost effective

Robust Hardware: In a Reseller Web Hosting environment, server where the reseller’s website will be hosted is the most important factor to be considered. If the server hardware is
far inferior or outdated, then it will affect the website performance immediately. It also directlyaffects the uptime of the websites. Such issues will affect the renewal rate of the customers.
Silicon House offers Reseller Hosting in servers with

1. Intel Dual Hexa Core
2. 256 GB RAM Server
3. Hardware Raided Hard Disks with SSD Caching
4. 1 Gbps Port Speed
5. Cloud Linux OS
This provides ample cpu and memory resources for each website hosted in the server.
Cagefs, which is an isolation module in Cloud Linux Os makes sure that each website is
independent of other’s resource usage.

Pre-Hardened OS / Scripting: Pre-Hardening of OS and Scripting Language is very
important for client applications to run safely in the server. Apart from firewall, anti-virus and
malware detection tools, it is important to have defense shields that will protect from live
threats as well as know malware threats viz-a-viz Intrusion Detection and Prevention System.
Silicon House offers Reseller Web Hosting in servers with Arrow Platform. Arrow Platform
comes with Arrow Shield which is a real time threat mitigation system. This offers much better
security than traditional security systems.

Feature Rich Control Panel: Reseller Control Panels allow Resellers to perform key
functions such as Setting up hosting for a domain, email id creation, database and user
creation, ftp access etc. A feature rich control panel allows a Reseller to perform these
functions with ease and also can reduce considerable system administration time.
Silicon House Servers come with cPanel [ Linux ] and Plesk [ Windows ] pre-installed. These
allow adding domains, creating FTP, Email Ids and Databases in a click of a mouse. More
over, it also allows customers to mange their domains with ease.

Premium Bandwidth Network Backbone: Port Speed of the server and the backbone
connected to it determines the user experience that customers will have to a major extent.
Hence even a robust server can give a very slow performance for websites if it is behind a
poor backbone connectivity. Premium Bandwidth is a must for superior performance.
Silicon House servers run in Premium Bandwidth network with 1 Gbps Port Speed and 160
Gbps Backbone connectivity. This enables high speed performance of all websites hosted in
such powerful servers.

Reliable Web Hosting Infrastructure Provider: Reseller Hosting when provided by Reliable
and Experienced Hosting Provider allows a Reseller to earn more profit as they can provide a
complete bouquet of solutions to their customers. Also Fully Brand-able Reseller Web Hosting
allows a Reseller to Sell and Service his clients around the world under his own brand.
Silicon House has more than Two Decades of Hosting Expertise which allows to provide
practical solutions cost effectively. Being a leader in Managed Dedicated Server Hosting,
Cloud Server Hosting, High Availability Solutions and Reseller Hosting enables to
provide complex solutions for Reseller’s customer. Providing such solutions also allows
Resellers to earn Higher Profit.