New PostgreSQL Acceleration Software From Swarm64 Boosts Open Source Database Performance

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Swarm64 (, the leader in database acceleration solutions for the PostgreSQL open source database, today announced the availability of Swarm64 DA 4.0, database acceleration software that extends PostgreSQL with the ability to analyze data orders of magnitude faster than usual, even as data streams into the database. This enables more people to choose free open source PostgreSQL over costly proprietary databases for new analytic and data warehouse modernization projects

PostgreSQL is immensely popular and battle-hardened as a primary database, yet, for performance reasons it’s historically less popular in data warehousing and analytics. We’re on a mission to change that,” said Thomas Richter, CEO and co-founder of Swarm64. “Now, when extended with the Swarm64 DA accelerator, PostgreSQL runs orders of magnitude faster because we’ve tripled the acceleration effects in release 4.0. This enables people to cut database costs by 75% or more by using free, open source PostgreSQL in a greater number of projects and meet performance requirements that until now, only costly, proprietary data warehouse and analytic databases could satisfy.

New PostgreSQL acceleration features in Swarm64 DA 4.0

Swarm64 is the easiest way to accelerate and scale PostgreSQL performance. It installs as an extension to free, open source PostgreSQL and does not require changes to a user’s SQL or application code.