Pipeliner : Helps Professionals Achieve Success Safely via a Highly Visual CRM and Secure Data Hosting

Pipeliner’s customer relationship management (CRM) software was created for salespeople by salespeople to provide a user-friendly alternative to the traditional sales pipeline. The company is on a relentless mission to equip reps with self-management tools that provide data enrichment and workflow automation, all while guaranteeing robust security.

Considering these strengths, it’s no surprise that the average salesperson doesn’t want to spend hours a day manually entering data into a clunky customer relationship management (CRM) platform. These systems are supposed to help close sales.

Pipeliner, on the other hand, provides a highly visual, user-friendly alternative that helps reps streamline their workflows while giving managers the information their teams need to succeed. The platform’s uniform navigation, dynamic reporting, logical organization patterns, focus on visualization, and customizable features help increase adoption rates among reps, boosting ROI.

The platform also helps employees save time with a built-in automation engine designed to eliminate the manual work that can slow down a sales cycle. The superhero-like tool, known as the Automatizer, helps users scale and optimize tiresome sales processes.

The system enhances workflows through if/then conditions and multiple actions — and it doesn’t require a lick of code.

The feature ensures a quick and easy process for assigning and arranging contacts associated with an account according to position and rank. Users can aggregate data from multiple accounts and even assign buyer roles to specific sales opportunities