Website backup tool: version 1.0

Backupper, a SaaS-based online data backup program developed by AOMEI Technology, recently hit version 1.0. It allows users to backup their websites and databases to cloud, and safely restore them whenever required. Nowadays, the management of website has become easier. But the website security still remains a concern. The websites can get hacked, break after an update, or an accidental deletion can happen. It would be a nightmare for the site owners if they don’t have the backup.Also, the accidental deletion can happen from the end of your web hosting provider. This can lead the site owners to start the website from scratch. Moreover, it is reported that more than 40% of small and medium businesses don’t back up their data. This is a serious concern.Having a backup of the data is the easiest way for data protection that allows users to turn back the clock. eBackupper allows users to schedule the backup and data will be automatically backed up to cloud.